What are HTML Pages?

HTML What are HTML Pages? HTML is a text-layout language, with help of which the most diverse systems can produce nearly identical results. This is due to the fact that the files in which the HTML code is saved, that is, files with the endings *.HTM or *.HTML, contain only ASCII text. The code in

Learning JavaScript

JavaScript – Everyone who is the least bit familiar with the Internet eventually wants to represent him or herself there with a home page. But the common page-building programs like Netscape Composer or Microsoft Frontpage no longer suffice for creating anything more than a very mediocre home page. Anyone who wants to have a really

What to know before doing affiliate marketing

In my years of experience as an online digital Marketer, doing affiliate Marketing is one of the best businesses to do online. Been the best business doesn’t mean you will start to earn profit the moment you start however taking note of the keynote and putting them to practice place you in a better position

Free ways to grow blog site

To grow a blog site, it’s that important to focus on promoting it. There are over one hundred million blogs being tracked by  search engines. The act of publishing compelling content isn’t enough to drive awareness and traffic for your blog site; instead, you need to invest in some strategies, methods to give your blog

How to download video’s from youtube

You may wish to download a particular video from youtube and probably you are stocked with the expired version of the Internet download Manager (IDM) which you have installed on your system. Based on friends and other Tech know-how advice that you have gotten, you have downloaded various applications that you think should work best