One of the components to get customer loyalty is trust, and when trust is not felt between your brand and your customers, there is every tendency that your brand will fall flat. Remember that marketing is about making promise about who you are and what you can deliver to resolve customers’ challenges.

As a brand; customers are excepted to buy into your offers and give it a short to patronize you, however there is little or no assurance that the promises made will be kept in the real sense.

You would like to ask why some brands are absolutely trusted and others are not, building a good reputation is the lifeline of any brand as it determines how long customers will stick around. Building trust for a brand may takes time but it worth doing.


Being real draws consumers’ attention to your brand. The tone of voice, your expression and general disposition draws customers close to your brand, it’s said that first impression last long.



Listening and responding to customers request and questions helps to build brand trust, customers want brand that will listen to them and also respond to their request as fast as possible, and with the advent of digitalization it’s that easy to get customers reviews, request and questioning and responding to them as fast as possible.



It’s important to show a sense of relationship to customers, interact with them beyond transaction basis and show them that you care by showing them some love through gift items, celebrating them etc.



When you give customer good treat, they go the extra mile and position you in their minds as it pertain to your brand. Anytime they need your service you will be the first person they want to reach out to. Treat them like royalty and they will bring other people to you.



You need to build a good customers service base to show them that you are reliable, dependable. The attitude you show in responding to their issues and how far you go to get their issues resolved will determine how much they trust your service.



Noted that no one like to be cheated which means try as much as possible to be shading in your transactions with them, this will make them never trust you again.



The consistency of your product or service quality shouldn’t fluctuate due to varying quality from your brand, this may change customers’ perception about your brand , you need to always provide them with quality product or service that will make  will them stick to you.



Ensure that you provide value to customers at every point you had the opportunity to transact with them, make them feel the impression that they are getting value for what they pay for and not a sense of reap off.



Building trust for your brand require proper dealing with customers as any mishandling can result to total down fall of your business.

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