It’s no longer a scam that billions of Naira exchange hands on a daily basis on the internet.

And how you can get some of that money is by selling products or services that people want to buy.


Finding products that people want to buy is never the problem.
The main problem lies in selling them.

In order to sell any product online, here is the 5 unique formula that I follow.

Though it took me time to figure this out,
don’t be like me, take your time to digest and understand each step because your turning point lies here.

Let me explain the formula

Are you following?


STEP ONE: What are you selling? Highlight the real benefits and hidden benefits

I will explain this step Using a Product From
Let say I want to sell a power bank

here is the thing.
Nobody wants to buy a power bank for the sake of buying it

People buy stuff because of a reason WHY
This reason “why” is what I call the benefit.

There are 2 types of benefits.

The first one is the obvious benefit and the second one is much deeper and it is called the hidden benefit.

The hidden benefit is usually why you want the obvious benefit.

Here is an example.

The obvious benefit is that they want to charge their phones once their battery is getting low

That is right.

But when you look closer and ask WHY, they want power bank that can last long so that they don’t run out of battery at any point in time.

STEP TWO: Figure out exactly who your customers are

Now that we have a product and we know the obvious and hidden reason why someone will want to buy our product, the next step is to figure out who is most likely to buy our product.

Here is another area where people make a serious mistake when trying to sell something.

They mistakenly assume that everyone wants their product which is a lie.

So, from my research, here is the type of people that I think would want to buy power bank
a) A digital inclined person
b) A business person young or not too old
c) must be living in an urban area
d) must be earning some income

That is enough for now.

But I believe you get the point I am trying to make.

STEP THREE: Figure out where you can find them easily

Now, that we have an idea who the potential customer is, the next step is to figure out the best medium to find them online so that we can go there and advertise.

Here is why.

You cant hunt for shark in any water, you will rather go to a deep sea because that is where you can find sharks.

The same thing is what we are trying to do here.

If we have to locate our target prospect that is likely to buy power bank, where do you think we can find such people based on the characteristics that we mapped out in the last step.

Here is My take

(1) We can Use Facebook & Instagram: These are 2 big platforms with millions of people but the good thing about this platforms is that we can target various types of people that we want.

(2) We Can Use Linda Ikeji: This is another site that a lot of women from cities like Lagos, Abuja etc visit on a regular basis.

(3) We Can Also Use Bella Naija: This is another site that a lot of well to do women from cities like Lagos, Abuja etc visit on a regular basis.

I believe you are getting the idea.

STEP FOUR: Craft an enticing message or advert that can attract them
Here is the thing.

Most of the time when people go online, they are not going there to look for the products you are selling.

Sometimes they do.

But most times, people are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LindaIkeji etc to read news, gists, gossips or have fun.

So, you have to create a message that gets them to pay attention and check out the product you are advertising.

In order to do this, you have to come up with a good enough message, an advert.

here is a simple formula I use.
compelling text + interest = attention which in turn answer to desire and action

here is an example
“How a Strange Accident Saved Me From Baldness”
That is a brilliant way to get the attention of people who have noticed that they are getting bald and want to do something about it.

But despite the fact that people will click on your advert to check out your product, the truth is that not all of them will buy the product.

In fact, a large percentage of people who clicked won’t buy right away.

That is why we have the next step which is:

STEP FIVE: Follow up with them via Email, SMS, Retargeting
This is important.

When you advertise online most times, only a small percentage of people will buy what you are selling because of various reasons.

Maybe they are yet to collect their salary.

Maybe they need to ask more questions before paying

Maybe their attention was captured by something else while trying to place an order for your product.

This is why the follow-up is compulsory.

This is what it means.

From the advert above, let’s say 100 people clicked through to view the pounding machine, maybe just only 1 of them will buy the product.

But clicking on the advert tells us that they are interested.

So, we attempt to follow them up.

When follow-up is done well, you might convert another 5-10% to sales.

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