Branding Yourself as an Expert to Get More Job Offers

Whatever direction you face either searching for a better job or more business opportunity, apart from the skill gained from your workplace, personal branding becomes something you need to pay more attention.

In this day and age, personal branding is very important to:
Get the jobs that you want
Get the clients that you want
Get the business partners that you want

I have been working hard to build my personal brand over the past months, and I have been pleasantly surprised by the results.
That’s why I want to share with you, my branding method that is working for me.

It takes a lot of time to build a strong brand, and the principles of personal branding are almost the same as branding any consumer or B2B product.

My personal brand has also helped me attract business owners
who read and learn from my blog and most of the opportunities that come around were a direct result of my deliberate personal branding efforts.

In this article, the focus will be on branding to get more job offers, but the same principles apply to getting more business opportunities as well.

Position yourself in the marketplace

Most of the time organizations and individuals want good people, good skills and experienced people to work for them but they don’t know you exit with the values they want.

you need to position yourself in the marketplace as a brand even if your goal is just to get a job offer.

Through experience, I can confidently say that this is the best way to get your dream job. I have been in a similar situation before. This problem cannot be solved by uploading resume in more employment portals, having an active LinkedIn profile or by applying for more jobs offline. If you have tried that before, I am sure you ended up bored and frustrated with the process.

With my personal branding method, I am getting relevant more and more.

Just in case you came across my blog for the first time I am Olawale kashmegs, I manage kashmegsolutions – A seasoned Digital Marketing Agency firm in Lagos. I consult and develop a practical marketing strategy for business owners to yield business growth.

Why the right people don’t always get a good job

let have a look at the problem and the reality first. The first step to solve a problem is to realize that there is a problem.

There are a lot of people having difficulty in finding the right jobs. Organizations are also finding it very difficult to find good people to work for them.

So there are a lot of good jobs and good people, but they are not dating each other. Organizations are always complaining about the difficulty of finding great people to work with them and experts are always complaining about not having enough good and relevant jobs in the industry.

Why is this happening? The reason is that we do knowledge work and knowledge work is not quantifiable.

A manager who makes a hiring decision cannot measure your expertise with any tests or tools. So people hire with emotion and “gut feeling” and hence the mega mismatch between roles and individuals.

It takes at least 3-6 months for a manager to completely understand the unique skills of his/her subordinate. So even if you actually possess the skills, they may not know about it, and you may lose a great opportunity.

To overcome this, you need to brand yourself in such a way for people to perceive you as an expert even before they hire you.

In general, there is a huge market demand for experts because experts get the job done.

Qualification & Certifications won’t Help

certifications don’t prove that you are an expert. That’s because the market is crowded with too many certifications.

Certifications demonstrate knowledge, but not expertise. People DO NOT hire you for what you know, they hire you for the results you can bring.

Is it cool to Brand and Market Yourself?

I agree that the idea of marketing yourself may feel a little creepy in the beginning but if you are really good at something, it is your responsibility to let the world know about it.

Becoming an expert is the easy part. Many people are experts already in what they do. Including YOU! Everyone has unique ideas, skills, and experience. The hardest is being recognized as an expert in the world that we live in.

Some people are good at branding themselves as experts, for some the branding happens naturally, and some don’t even try. The people who do not proactively brand themselves as experts will never get the good opportunities.

You may be an expert. But are others perceiving you as an expert? How do others decide who are the experts?

1. Experts Write:
Experts write books. They also publish great informative articles on their blog. Many people read their blog. They post articles on reputed publications, newspapers, magazines and blogs.

2. Experts Speak:
Experts speak at seminars, do guest lectures at universities, conferences, and workshops.

3. Experts are Thought Leaders:
Experts are not just “I-know-a-lot-of-stuff” people. They also have unique ideas, concepts and theories which they have developed over a period of time. In short, they are authorities and thought leaders in their field of work.

4. Experts Train:
Experts also train other people. They charge a lot for the training. The Experts of experts charge even more.

5. Experts Consult:
They work as consultants to many businesses and organizations because… well, they are experts!


The above ideas are just some of the ideas which I got when trying to improve my personal brand. There are literally infinite ways to promote yourself and strengthen your brand. And if you liked the article, comment on it and share it with your network

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