Often times people do like to ask “What kind of business they can do with little or no capital” to startup and most times the answer is always tie to dig deep to your passion, what you derive joy in doing, what you do for people effortlessly and so on which is true. More so you can startup a business by locating challenges around you and provide solutions to them.

Today I will like to point you to some other businesses you can venture into with zero capital, please do note that starting up this kind of business require some level of knowledge, effort and mobility as it may be, so its advice that you carry out some feasibility study before choosing any of this.



The cleaning service business is such that you can startup with zero capital and it that profiting if you put in the right approach in growing this business. Way back cleaning service is regarded as the village girl work or the uneducated peoples job where by individuals or companies paid them stipend month and can be sacked anytime without prior noticed but in recent times it has grown beyond that and it has becoming a cool business that the educated, professional are given considerations.  Some of the things you require to start up this business is the skills, cleaning tools such as brush, mop, cleaning detergent, an internal enable mobile device and a social media account to reach out to people.



The event planning business is one that is often started from home, you don’t necessarily need to go to school before you can get this business startup but if you do it is an added advantage.

In starting up the event planning business you need to possess the ability to convince your prospective client to believe you which is the major strength you need in this business, other requirement are discipline, good business packaging, good quotation, some event catalog which you have done for friends and families.



Most business need a good business plan most especially the Micros, Small and Medium scale Enterprises (MSMEs), to seek for funds either in form of grand or loan. The ability to draft a good business plan for businesses require the skills to do a market research, business plan narrative, financial statement etc



Editing is one of the coolest ways to make good money; so far you have the ability to edit material such as books, video, music etc. most of the time there is new stuff done by people and they need a good editor to help them fine tune their material so that it can become a finished product.



The internet as provide a space for everyone to showcase what you have got inside of you, so never limit yourself in anything you found doing. Keep to it and one day it will be a dream come through. see ways to gain customer loyalty in business

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