To grow a blog site, it’s that important to focus on promoting it. There are over one hundred million blogs being tracked by  search engines.

The act of publishing compelling content isn’t enough to drive awareness and traffic for your blog site; instead, you need to invest in some strategies, methods to give your blog site traffic boost. In this article I have outline free ways you can deploy to promote your blog site.

  1. Comment on other blog site

Commenting on other blog site is a good practice to draw traffic back to your site, any time you found a blog post that interest you, always drop a comment and enter your name, your blog URL in the comment field. This will help your blog be noticed over time.

  1. Frequent Posting

Posting regularly can boost your search engine traffic, every new post found on your blog site serves as a new entry point for search engines, also note that posting relevant content is a vital key to generate lead traffic to your blog site.

  1. Join online forum

Register with as many online forum that relate to your blog site and actively contribute to the forum site articles. While doing all this include your blog site links so that other members can begin to relate with it

  1. Leverage on social media

As a blogger it is very important that you leverage on social media to distribute your blog post. Create your social media account on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, bookmarking site etc. To automatically share your blog post to your social media account click here. Doing this give your blog site added exposure

  1. Link/refer to other blogs in your own posts

When writing for your blog site, ensure you refer to other blog site or your own published post which is related to the topic you are writing about at that point. The idea is other blogs will be able to trackback to your blogs; so long they have the trackback feature turn on.

  1. Offer deals

You can offer deals to advertiser or promote offline/online brands on your blog site, ask them to create a web banner that you can fix to your blog site and ensure you link it up with other blog site which may have more traffic that yours


I have an e-book for you titled grow your traffic build your blog. In this book you will learn more tactics and strategies you can deploy to grow your blog. Click here to download


CONCLUSION – This amongst many methods can go beyond your imagination as they are points to consider promoting a blog site.

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