Recession in this country Nigeria has made lots of people wanting to think outside the box, thereby looking out for various means to earn money or invest their money on businesses while they still go to their daily job.

Its no news in Nigeria that to measure up to your daily activities you need different source of income and this is why I have been posting to educate people on how to start, invest on various online businesses they can do with little or no capital. You can read about how to make money through products you don’t own on website you don’t build to customers you have never melt before,

Today am going to be sharing with you how you can start selling products you don’t own a web store.

This process is simple to do as it require basic tools such as internet connection, a laptop and your phone to make few calls.

Just in case you want more advice or you want me to mentor you on how to go about this process, don’t hesitate to connect with me my Facebook page kashmegsolutions


First, for the benefit of those who may have not had or know what is called web store; A web store is an ecommerce platform such as,,, etc.

On these platforms they give the opportunity for any interested persons to partner with them so as to increase sales thereby rewarding you with a commission on any products sold.

Using as a case study, the first thing you need to do are as follows

  1. Logon to the web store and study their commission plans if its suit you, make more research/enquiry on their delivery process, terms and regulation.
  2. Locate and fill their form in this case its called JFORCE – become a sale consultant on jumia platform
  3. Go for trainings to know and meet with other people who are of the same interest
  4. The moment you are confirmed as a partner
  5. The next step is to pick on any product you feel you can sell and promote among your friends and family, social media.
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