Having too many computer systems/ device in a particular place to connect to one printer for the purpose of print document could be a threat most especially when all the surrounding computer systems or device need to connect to the same printer for printing out documents. This happens mostly in big and small offices with more than one computer systems or device to one printer.

How to resolve this is not as difficult as it may seem provided you have basic knowledge about computer systems but if you don’t; worry less as I will be taking you through the steps to resolve this.

NOTE – In this step I assume that you are using Window 7 version as your operating systems


Ensure that all computer systems and printer are power on and connected to the same internet Network


Get the software CD for the printer or download here if your printer is a product of Hp and choose one among the available computer systems to be the source or Admin system where the printer software we be installed – This is called Admin system or the base system for the printer.


Install the printer software on the Admin system by following the instructions displayed on your screen – Ensure you enable the Wi-Fi feature as the instructions unfold step by step ( that is if your printer has the Wi-Fi feature)

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Once completed, print out the TEST page or print out any printable document from your computer systems to ensure that all in working perfectly.


Close all the file/folder you may be having opened on your desktop screen and go to the Start button to locate the printer and device option (its assumed that you have Window 7 version installed) however if you are not using the window 7 version, Go to control panel to find the printer and device option.


Find the printer name you have just installed, Right click on it and choose the printer properties option from the drop down. From the dialog box displayed locate and click on the Share tab


Now Enable the share printer option for the printer you have just install to display in the space provided, then click apply and click OK.

Now that all this has been done on the Admin systems you need to activate the printer on other surrounding computer systems



Go to the Start button on any other surrounding computer system, click on the printer and device option for the dialog box to display


Find and locate the Add a printer option at the top corner of the dialog box and click it. A dialog box will be displayed then choose Add a Network, wireless or Bluetooth printer option.

A dialog box is display searching for the available printer around or printer connected to the available internet Network.


A list of available printer names will be display depending on the numbers of printers available on the Network, choose the printer name you have just installed and click next.

Once this is done successfully then you can initial STEP 7 – 9 on the other surrounding computer systems.

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