practical marketing strategy to sell faster

More traffic to a website or post to different social media platforms does not always mean more revenue unless you have been doing this for a long time consistently and you have made yourself the “Goto guy” read branding yourself as an expert to get more jobs offers and business opportunities.

When coming to the marketplace you need to know that there is a large difference between marketing a product and selling a product.

Identifying this difference and tactically executing each of them will show a great impact on your business.

When Marketing a product this has to do with creating awareness for the product or services while selling a product is about creating a sales funnel where you can follow up, build trust and relationship with your customers.

Studies have shown that out of 1000 people who showed interest or relate to your advert or post, only 1 or 2 percent of them will end up buying your product or make an inquiry.

You will want to wonder what happened or why are they not buying after spending your budget on ads. You may want to Read The secret you must know to sell resell successfully

Here is it, people show interest or relate to your advert or post base on different reasons unknown to you, and among these people are those who will take immediate action, people who will take action soon or later and people who will not take action at all.

For people who will not take action at all, it probably does not mean that they are totally not interested, some of them may want to see how authentic your product or service is before taking action.

So they either be an observer of your activity or waiting for an event that they can refer your product or service to other people around them. Don’t be surprised when you hear something like “add my commission oooo”

Now let focus only on those who take action immediately and those who will take action soon or later.

These set of people are the ones that will buy or end up buying your product or services if they buy your product or service immediately that good but if not or they just make an inquiry.

You have to find a way of getting their contact so that you can follow up, build trust and relationship with them.

In the sales system, a large number of people prefer to buy from referrals, friends and family that is why you also need to follow up.

Here are some method I use to connect with people and follow up on them,

Free gift
People enjoy free gift mostly when it tends to solve their need but before giving out the free gift ask for something in exchange for the free gift. you can use MailChimp or ask for their contact directly. ensure you do this in a friendly manner

Help to fix a problem
This works any time any day, people just believe you the moment you help them fix one issue or the other, at this point they are willing to do anything you ask for

When you educate people on something, they see you as the Sabi guy or Knowledgeable in a particular field, they can even ask you the most foolish question in the world.
Doing this can get you anything you ask for.

No one wants a dulling moment, if you can gist very well, this is a good trick to ask for anything. trust me you will get it one hand

People that can inspire or motivate can always navigate using this trick when you inspire someone, you have just minister to their soul which gives them open mind. at this point, people are free to a discussion.

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