The secret you must know sell and resell successfully

If you have difficulty influencing people, you are not to blame and I was once in your shoes.
It only shows that you haven’t mastered the art of persuading and influencing.

I’ll reveal a simple secret to persuading successfully to you before placing a request to your audience so you can finally achieve the outcomes you want.

Now here is the thing

To effective persuade is to move them to a more receptive emotional state prior to influencing them;
ie moving them to a sweet spot that triggers more active decision-making processes.

For example
When you have an audience click to read about how to get more engagement, try to know them, create a relationship with them such that they are flowing with your question and answer section, If this is done correctly, you will establish rapport and trust with them.

In this connected state, they are now more amenable to your suggestions (leading).

Never try to influence them before you create a relationship with them, remember you don’t know each other and you probably might not be seen each other if it a social media chat.

This is one of the reasons why you need to give them more listening ears and rapport with them, at this level, some of them will tell you the issues they are facing and once you can position yourself to solve their problems, you have automatically win their heart.

Doing so will make them fill friendly and want to follow through with whatever you want them to do.

I have used this secret a lot of times to get what I want from my audience and am sure you can also try it out yourself

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