The best marketing tactics to sell a product

In my years of working as an IT person, it seems everything works as it’s been said or read from others and I thought I knew extremely well what my clients needed and the kind of services they were interested in.

The truth is I wasn’t selling like I would have liked to.

But here is the fact don’t take for granted what your clients want, if you do it’s a massive act of arrogance.

Delivering your product or service to the right people is one of the most difficult and challenging goals every service provider have. though it Seems obvious but is not that simple if you take a look at it

I know you will want to ask: How can I deliver the right content to the right people?

The simple and compelling answer to that question is: by asking people what they want.

There are different ways you can ask your audience.

Generate a post that will catch attention and ensure you interact with anyone that engage with the post so as to get their contact details

then Send a direct message,
Send a warm message to whoever you have engaged with the post and try to be friendly enough

The power of asking someone is awesome. Firstly you can think that this is too obvious, but you will be surprised with the results.

Use your social media to get in contact with the right people and start a real conversation —don’t try to sell anything yet, please. Ask for their interest, challenges, pains and problems related to your topic. “people chat when you are not in a “selling mode”.

These practical marketing tactics work for me anytime any day.

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