The perfect tool to generate income online

One of the tools in generating income online is having a website or blog.

Many people want to make a living online and they don’t have a site.
It’s just like you have a company without an office.

A company without an office? How do you expect that company to earn?

Your blog or website is your shop online, it’s the location where people can find you, your products and services.

That’s why the location of a blog or website is called web address. Your blog or website is a place (shop) on the Internet where you sell your products and services.

A website or blog is needed to earn online. It’s either you’re the owner or you’re using someone else’s own to earn.

A website or blog is fundamental to earning online.

Without a website or blog, you will make no money online.

The best thing is to have one! Go and create one now! Yes, a paid one is better and more professional and if you don’t have enough cash right now, you can create one for free on blogger or WordPress. Create one now!

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‘Without a website or blog you will make no money online’ but some people have a website or blog but are not earning a dime from it, why?

I know the reason and I will tell you now.

Two guys recently contacted me on Whatsapp that they have a good blog but have never made money on it and they were asking for my advice.

I told them that “They basically have a shop which is a necessary requirement but they are not using the shop the right way.”

What’s the aim of a shop?

Is it not to sell products and services?

The reason why you have a very wonderful blog or website and you’re not earning is that you’re not selling anything on it.

But some will say “I have a website, I have great products and services that I render, I have great contents on it, I’ve even hired the best content writer to write my contents daily but I’m making little or no sales. Why?”

The reason is this!

Hear me well, if there is a wonderful shop that offers great products and services that’s second to none, but never remove their products outside of the store box to showcase it.

Who will buy?

Or if they showcase it very well but only a few people are seeing it. How many people will buy?

It’s just like you’re covering your products in the store box and not allowing people to see it.

If many interested people are seeing your products and services advert every day, many people will buy!

One of the best skills a marketer can have is persuasion skill.
Online it is called copywriting.

Anik Singal said “It is the number one skill needed to make money online”

You have to drive and controlled massive targeted traffic to your offers to make enough sales.

Controlled targeted traffic means captured interested subscribers. You have to build a list and send them your offers to make enough sales consistently.

Action points:
1. Build a blog or website now! As it is a basic requirement for you to start making consistent income online.

2. Sell, sell and sell products or services on your site. The only way to make money legitimately is to sell. Start selling something on your site now!

3. Start building your customer database today!
Invest and drive massive traffic to your opt-in page. Collect as many leads as possible and engage them to make sales. The money is in the List!