The secret to run successful Facebook Advert

You may have been wanting to run Facebook Advert or you been having issues with running Facebook adverts that convert?
I mean getting leads or sales or whatever your campaign is based on.

However, there is ONE real truth that most people shy away from which is why they are not getting the quality results they want from their Facebook campaigns.

The one truth I am talking about is this:

Facebook is only a platform to advertise your marketing message or offer.

Therefore, it is only ONE PART of your sales system and it can’t do the work of the other parts.

There are other moving parts that determine the results you get from your online campaign which I will show you later.

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Most sales system have the following parts:

(a) The FB Ad

(b) The Marketing Message or Copy

(c) The Offer (product, lead magnet etc)

If b and c (above) are strong, your FB ad setup can be average and you will still get good results.

But if one of b and c is weak, your results will suffer.

E.g. If what you are promoting is a mediocre offer, Facebook ads won’t help you get quality results even if you are the No.1 Facebook expert in the world.

So, before you jump on Facebook to set up a campaign, pause and answer these questions:

(1) What exactly are you promoting? Does it resonate with your audience on a deep level? Is it strong enough to pull in massive response from your target audience?

(2) How powerful is the copy (the advert message) you are using to promote the offer?

If any of the above is weak, get them right before running to Facebook or else you will end up spending money on ads with little/no results.

If your offer and marketing copy is weak, all you are doing is attempting to use Facebook ads to multiply zeros.

And what do you get even when you multiply zero with a large number like 999,987,365?

Yeah. You still get zero.

Here is the simple logic.

If you want to get awesome results from your FB ads, here is the formula.

QUALITY RESULTS = Awesome FB Ads + Killer Copy(ads message) + Irresistible Offer

Personally, I think the offer (what you are promoting) is the most important part of this equation.

Once you get the offer part handled, the marketing copy and the FB ads will be easy to create.

The work of the marketing copy is to arouse desire and create urgent demand for the offer – which will be easier to do once the offer itself is attractive.

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