Have you heard of twitter hashtag? It’s one of the tricks you can use when twitting, so that you can be found when people use search terms in a particular niche to search for something relating to what they are looking out for on twitter.

Using the twitter hashtag when twitting can get you more followers, leads and sales

But the biggest question is how you can know what people are looking for so as to use the hashtag to reach them, at this point you don’t need to look further; I found this website tool that can help you figure out what people are looking out for in your niche. The website tool is called hashtagify.me


The hashtagify website is a free tool that you can use to target your audience depending on your niche; all you need do is locate the search #tag box at the top right-hand corner of the website and type in the hashtag you wish to use to target your audience in your niche.

For example, let say you type in homebusiness in the search box, what happens is, it pull up the “Top 10 hashtag that is related” to homebusiness, then when you hover over the top related hashtags you get to see more details such as the popularity of the hashtag and the correlation from #homebusiness.

You can also narrow down your options by clicking on any of the Top hashtags that is more related to your niche, this will then come up with hashtags that are more direct to your targeted audience.

Also noted the Top Recent Media box at the sidebar which helps you to know the recent hashtag people are using to reach out to their audience.

The hashtagify tool is a great tool that can be used to gain more followers, other options are available for you to explore, just try and make the best you of it. Woooola

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