What are HTML Pages? further explain – Now you need to start the browser, either Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer, and open the file you’ve just created. Usually, you do this by selecting File / Open, but this can differ according to which version of which browser you’re using. The page should look like this

Here are a couple more things you should know – tags that begin with / always indicate the end of text formatting and Ü is the international way of creating a Ü:
<title>Title of the Page (appears in the browser in the title
<h1>This is a title that contains a word beginning with &Uuml;</h1>
Here is a <br> Pagebreak. And here is a<p> paragraph
<i>This text will appear in italics,</i> <b>this, by contrast, in
boldface,</b> <u>and this text will be underlined.</u> <a
href=”page2.htm”>There is also a link</a> and <img
src=”picture.gif”> you can even include pictures.
Before you can view the page, you’ll need to save a file with the name PICTURE.GIF. This file can contain any image you want. For example, you can create a picture using Paint under Windows 98. When saving the file, you need to make sure that it has the extension .GIF. Alternatively, you can go out and find a graphics file, a finished .GIF file, somewhere on the Internet. If you want the link to work, you’ll need to create another HTML file, which in our example, is called PAGE2.HTM. This name appears in the source code. And don’t forget to save your files! The result should look like this when viewed with your browser:

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