You may be wondering and want to ask, is it possible to get sales from social media for products and services?

Of course, it is possible.
You can get sales from social media.
I understand your dilemma…

You’ve seen everyone chasing the likes and shares…not much sales.
But Social Media is not only about just likes and shares.
It is more about building the brand, reputation, and trust that leads to more sales and revenue.

Let’s see how you can get sales from social media.
Before that…
Let’s talk a bit about how people make purchases…

You know a lot is happening behind every purchase you do.
So, you like a mobile…and you want to buy it

Do you go ahead and buy it?  No…

You set out to do some research…
You check the features…

You check the coverage about the mobile on or something else…what their review says about the mobile

You check the product reviews on Konga or Jumia…what people who purchased it already say about the product
You also check with your friends…ask about their opinion…
You’ll probably have a geek friend who knows everything about mobile…you’ll consult him.

If everything turns out positive or aligns with your expectation, then you go ahead and buy it.

Isn’t it?

Now, let’s see how social media comes in this process.
This time you’re a service provider
You have a page, and you post regularly, share content that is relevant to your target audience

You’ve grown a fan following.
Or you participate in a relevant group, engage heavily, answer your audience’s questions and doubts.
You’ve positioned as an expert in your niche

You’ve built a trust and reputation
You’ve received excellent testimonials and feedback.
One day, someone is looking for the service you offer…and he asks for recommendations on a social platform or group you’re active

Someone who follows your activities recommends you to him…
He then checks on you…the glowing testimonials & feedback about you impresses him
He connects with you and becomes interested in your offering…
And you’re close to the sale.

This is how social media can get you sales…help you sell services or products.
It is not what you say but what you do is what makes you a brand…
And social media is a perfect platform to do it.

When you post regular and relevant updates, you build a fan following…
When you help other peoples, solve their issues, you build a reputation and become an expert…

Both together gets you testimonials, and feedbacks…and creates trust.
And makes you a brand…
Gets you the leads and sales.


3 thoughts on “why people are not buying your product on social media”

  1. Nice intro, what I made from this post is that : I need to keep posting articles on a regular basis, that solve people’s problems to have a rapport with them. That means this method is a no for someone who is having creative writing challenges or persuasive writing.

    1. Well, there is nothing serious in writing, so long you talk to people every day and you can express yourself before them without getting them angry. that is all you need

  2. Thanks for this i need to start posting relevant things to solve peoples peoblems so help me God

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